3 New Video Converting Shareware For Laptop That Has The Source Code Published In November 2020

Even though you can’t contribute to a Wikipedia page while using this add-in, getting some extra knowledge on the topic you’re working on can be a welcome distraction. You can browse Wikipedia articles by typing your entry into the search bar.

It offers a wide range of templates that aren’t otherwise available on Word. MyScript Math Simple is a useful Microsoft Word add-in if you find yourself using a lot of equations when working in Word. Especially if you don’t want to waste your time searching Word’s gallery of equations for the right formula. Now if you ever need to update your Word document with Excel data you can paste it windows-8.down4you.software from your spreadsheets straight into your Word file. And it will look better than if you just try and insert your Excel worksheet into a Word doc.

Or simply highlight a word or a phrase in your document and the plugin will automatically bring up a suitable article. Let’s now have a look at some of the best Microsoft Word add-ins we found. You may find that, much like your other online activities, there isn’t any one app that will cover all of your security and privacy needs. That’s why I always suggest keeping various tools in your online arsenal to protect yourself and your activities.

  • The other extension, Norton Identity Safe, gives the functions of a password manager.
  • A rootkit is a type of malware that activates on startup every time the computer is powered on.
  • We consider them both valuable extras, but such software can be found as freeware, so Norton is only adding minimal value.
  • One is Norton Safe Web, which warns users of dangerous websites.

Microsoft Teams Just Added Another Key Feature

That’s why you should also check out the other guides on my site for more information on how to protect yourself while online. I’ve already covered how to do this in a quite informative article on my website, which is highly recommended reading for those interested in securing their favorite web browser. A Virtual Private Network protects your internet connection by encasing it in a layer of encryption. The search company has partnered with Terms of Service Didn’t Read to include their scores of the service and privacy policies of websites, when it’s available. The extension also includes DuckDuckGo’s private web search, making private searches more convenient than ever.


Pixabay is a free-to-use website for sharing photos with one of the biggest directories of Creative Commons images. You can find anything from classic photography, to vector images, to illustrations, and even some film footage in their database. All of which are useful when you’re working on a presentation, or a leaflet in Word. The Vertex42 add-in can help you be more efficient and save time.